Back Ground Checks

This year it will be the responsibility of all coaches and assistant coaches to obtain a background check. Along with the background check you will still need to fill out a coaches contract. We are offering two services that you can use. You can either use ACE-which is from ASA at a cost of $25.00 or you can use Protect Youth Sports at a cost of $12.00. You can go to the website ( and go to the to the button that says Back Ground Checks. Click on it and it will show you the links to each company. If you do ACE you will need to bring me a copy of the card before you will be listed on the website. I have no way of getting into that system. If you do Protect Youth Sports, I will be notified of your results. Background checks will be a yearly requirement. Deadline will be Roster Deadline. Only coaches who have passed the Back Ground check will be listed on the website. If you are thinking of being an All-Star coach this year, we would suggest that you do the ACE. ACE is a requirement for the All-Star coaching staff. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or leave us a message at 353-5150.

Back Ground Check Web Sites